Congratulations to our winners!

The prize-giving night on 24 May saw almost 500 people fill the Fisher and Paykel Auditorium at the Business School. Keynote speaker was Sian Simpson, Community Director of Kiwi Launching Pad, who shared herjourney, tips for getting started and how to get involved in the entrepreneurial eco-system.

This year, we saw a total number of 255 entries, coming from all across the university – including a large number from PhD entrants and the Auckland Bio-Engineering Institute. Ten new prizes were introduced for 2018, withsupport from the Department of Computer Science, Auckland ICT Graduate School, the Business School, UniServices and more. Among them included prizes for Female founders, Pacific Islander Innovation and Entrepreneurship, AI, and empowering industry with Information Technology. challenge_winners

Entrants are now moving into the judges feedback stage. This is a fantastic opportunity for entrants to ask the questions they need and to engage in a personalised discussion. They’ll get to meet one-on-one with an industry expert who will support with feedback and suggestions for next steps so that their idea can be further developed.  

Thank you to all the entrants, judges, and supporters of the 2018 Velocity Innovation Challenge. It was a huge success, and we are immensely proud of the calibre and enthusiasm that it drew in. We look forward to seeing how Velocity will next support all those involved.

AshleyGrace – Social Entrepreneurship

AshleyGrace is a company focused on innovative beauty products. AshleyGrace is the creator of Miss Micro, a makeup removing mitt that is reusable and only uses water.

Social Biogas – Social Entrepreneurship

There is a community of farmers spread through the country that doesn’t have access to electricity nor gas, and that could be solved by doing biogas.

Marc Up – Commercial Entrepreneurship

We will solve New Zealand’s wine waste problem through production of high-value products using this raw material. These products will have value in the wine industry and NZ’s medical sector.

Electroclear – Commercial Entrepreneurship

Electroclear uses electrical pulses to hinder the growth of fouling species in marine environments. This is performed with the  motivation of reducing the spread of invasive species around New Zealand and reducing the toxic chemicals that currently leech out of antifouling paints.

FingerReader – Social Entrepreneurship

FingerReader is a discreet and reliable finger-worn accessory that allows users to simply point at products, menus, signs etc. to perform a recognition and interpretation task and hear the result spoken to him or her through a headset.

CultureNation – Social Entrepreneurship

CultureNation is an educational action role-playing game for children with a focus on exploring the different cultures in NZ and the world and aims to catalyse difficult conversations in the classroom in an easy, engaging, and interactive format.

InjectX Medical – Commercial Entrepreneurship

InjectX Medical is a clinical microinjection device that simultaneously self-administers pharmaceutical drugs and runs diagnosis of a patient; all controlled from a mobile device at the touch of a finger.

ScholAR notes – Commercial Entrepreneurship

ScholAR Notes is an augmented reality application that will allow teachers and learners to add annotations to an object viewed by document camera, tablet or phone.

SurgiPulse – Commercial Entrepreneurship

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, and doctors have developed a next-generation electrical stimulation device interfacing with the neuronal networks of the body. This will allow pinpoint stimulation, deeper penetration and directional effects on nerve signal propagation to enhance surgical recovery, improve patient outcomes and reduce health costs.

Empowering Girls – Whiua ki te Ao!

Empowering Girls is an expedition into New Zealand wilderness for high school age girls to learn more about science from a practical perspective. We inspire future leadership, curiosity, confidence and success as well as encourage more girls into STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine).

FootSense – UniServices PhD

An affordable, portable, home-based foot temperature monitoring system for the early detection of foot ulcers among patients with diabetic neuropathy,

Insight Therapeutics – UniServices PhD

There are 250 million cases of urinary tract infections (UTIs) globally per year and their prevalence also makes them major contributors to antibiotic use and resistance. Insight therapeutics seeks to develop novel antibiotic-sparing therapies for UTI based on modulating human responses to fight both acute and recurrent UTIs.

MiCONTACT – UniServices PhD

Ischemic retinal diseases are the commonest cause of blindness in the developed world; however, treatment options for these conditions are limited. MiCONTACT provides a simple optical means of increasing ocular blood flow to prevent or reduce loss of vision due to the progression of these diseases.

Automated Framing Systems (AFS) – UniServices Research

Automated Framing Systems (AFS) is a construction technology company that aims to deliver the world’s first automated cold-formed steel portal frame erection machine.

Rivaflavo – UniServices Research

This venture is about developing commercial value of modified flavonoid compounds (flavonoid derivatives) as nutraceutical or pharmaceutical agents to help fight disease and promote health. This utilises green chemistry approaches to produce these derivatives improving the desirable health effects in humans.

Hive Mind – Female founder prize by UniServices

Disrupting the niche service of professional patent searching.

CryptoNN: Artificial Crypto Manager – Fintech prize by UniServices

Develop Artificial Neural Networks agents capable of automatically trade crypto currencies, considering historic data to make predictions about future trends.

GymBuddy – A Smartwatch App – Arts/Creative Arts/Design prize by UniServices

We present a Smartwatch application assisting as a Gym-Buddy that tracks your current exercises in terms of quantity and quality. The app uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence learning algorithms and outperforms any Smartwatch and Smartphone apps currently being on the market.

Morpheus Tech. – Business school

The venture is a wearable biotech product that is worn during sleep. The product increases time slept in slow wave sleep (SWS). SWS is the most physiologically restorative stage of sleep hence the product increases sleep quality.

Early detection of plant diseases – Comp Sci Dept AI

A service that provides a system that aids in the early detection of plant diseases. Suitable for most crops that have a small to medium sized stature.

Neuro – Assistive AI Agent – Comp Sci Dept Big Data

Assistive Artificial Intelligence(AI) agent to help Alzheimer’s patients to complete their daily tasks

Arcadium – Comp Sci Dept Prize

We turn cities into digital playgrounds through interactive advertising. Our approach is to create a platform to make scalable guerilla marketing possible through versatile technologies.

Pawpy – Creative Arts and Industry

Pawpy is a mobile app that connects pet owners to veterinarians to seek advice on pet care. Instead of spending time, energy and money to bring your pets down to the vet you could simply receive instant advice, 24/7 at a fraction of a cost from licensed professionals.

P3J – Education

P3J aims to connect students and teachers to professionals in various industries through project-based learning opportunities. By tapping into students’ interests and building their skills and confidence, we hope to broaden their aspirational pathways, promoting social equality and diversity within industries.

Drone Dogs – Agritech

Drone Dogs is a system that uses drones to help herd farm animals within the primary industries.

MapMyCrop – Agritech

MapMyCrop solves a crucial problem for kiwifruit growers by accurately predicting kiwifruit yield each season. This is a vital metric, that without leads to significant in-efficiencies throughout the supply chain. Armed with more precise data, growers can make better business decisions earlier in the season, maximising their revenue.

MOCHIYO – Science

The venture is about developing and commercializing MOCHIYO: mochi filled with fruity frozen synbiotic yogurt that contains a unique probiotic strain and NZ Manuka honey with beneficial metabolites, thus synergistically enhancing the gut-health benefits for the consumers.

Kill kilos with a lazy stomach – Engineering

Obesity disorders affect up to 30% of the world population and impart an enormous socio-economic burden on healthcare services and communities. Long-term treatment options are currently limited. In this venture, we will use ‘electroceuticals’ to develop new therapies for obesity.

AgriAcies – ICT Graduate School – best use of data analytics

AgriAcies is a new agricultural-venture born of the desire to modernize the New Zealand Dairy Industry. A strengthened connection between farmer and farm will allow them to improve the quality of their products while also giving them the freedom to control the impact their farm has on the environment.

Spott Parking – ICT Graduate School – empowering industry through Information Technology

Spott is an app which utilizes both embedded sensors and database integration to display to users the exact location of individual car parks then navigate them from their homes to an individual carpark and on to their final destination.

Hypebeat – Law

In the age of digital music, streaming and social media, ‘making it’ as a musician is just as much about doing what works for your brand as it is about great music. We show musicians what works so they can achieve their creative vision.

Anastomotic Leak Detector – FMHS

Our innovation is a surgical sensor, designed to rapidly detect complications following bowel surgery. We are specifically targeting Colorectal Anastomotic Leak, a grave and dreaded complication of colorectal surgery.

Safeway Pacific Water (SPW) – Pacific Islander Innovation and Entrepreneurship prize

Safeway Pacific Water aims to provide cost-effective and low maintenance monitoring and treatment of both groundwater and surface water through microbial electrochemical technology for applications targeting the population of the Pacific Islands.

Auckland Neuro Diagnostics Lab (ANDL) – Chiasma

ANDLab develops a diagnostic kit for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The current method of definitive diagnosis is made only after a post-mortem examination. The early detection would allow personalised treatment before brain damage occurs, and has the potential to reduce the healthcare cost on NZ economy.

Hui – Arts

Teaching te reo Maori and Te Ao Maori to schoolchildren through immersive projection technology, transporting classrooms into their local iwi for a transformational learning experience.

TeloKit – Commercial Entrepreneurship

With TeloKit, you can measure and monitor your cellular aging with an easy-to-use, pain-free, affordable and accurate test kit, thanks to the latest innovation in molecular biology. We provide professional interpretation and consultation of your test result, and offer valuable coaching to improve your health

ZEUS! – Property

ZEUS! an app that ranks the best clubs, pubs and bars to make sure that you have the best time. ZEUS! provides its users information on how good a venue is (Live), discounts/offers, popularity and ranks the best clubs in Auckland.

Virtual Mind – Social Entrepreneurship

Pop-up virtual reality workshops in high school and various institutes educating students about mental health issues and using the technology as a form of therapy to treat psychological disorders.

Poi for your Health – Social Entrepreneurship

Provide poi/health services to retirement villages, with the goal of keeping residents physically and mentally active through poi play.

Saddlesfaction – Commercial Entrepreneurship

The development of a system for the measurement and production of personalised bike saddles for optimal ergonomic fit and comfort, resulting in better cycling performance and reduced health issues associated with pressure on delicate regions.

Gender Equalitick – Social Entrepreneurship

A workplace accreditation system with a mission of significantly improving the Gender Equality in the work-place by offering an assessment, consulting and training.

STACD – Inventory Management System – Commercial Entrepreneurship

The product is an inventory management software with augmented-reality assisted 3D scanning material scanning. The product is aimed towards small-to-medium (SME) discrete manufacturers and operates on both smart-devices and personal computers

GiveAGood – Social Entrepreneurship

Give-A-Good is a platform helping charities, social causes and upcyclers campaigning to crowdsource the specific resources they require while raising awareness for their causes and impact. We offer a one-stop-shop where people can discover compelling campaigns encouraging the redistribution of their excess goods facilitating circular, redistributive and upcycling economy.