I2B: From Innovation to $100k Challenge


On Tuesday the 26th of June, we had our one day Innovate to Business workshop at the Unleash Space and the room was full of people! Our one day workshop helped participants get one step closer towards validating their idea and, ultimately, enter the $100k Challenge! Everyone was super excited to get involved, develop their business idea and meet new people!

From learning about Market Validation, Business Model Canvas, to tips on how to create a wonderful team – and guess what? This was all in ONE DAY! Presented by our awesome facilitators – big shout out to Deb Shepherd & Jamie Newth.

We started by sharing some interesting stories from Velocity Alumnus who have been through the journey:
Ang Nayyar, founder & CEO of StrutFit, a platform that enables customers to virtually try on shoes, by using smartphones to scan their feet at home.

Amir HajiRassouliha, a Post-doctoral research fellow at ABI, current thesis on 3D soft tissue deformation measurement.

Amber Lyon, Assistant Development Manager at Archer Property.

Sakura Matches, Marketing Coordinator at Archer Property.


We then turned our attention to Mr. Duncan Ledwith from MicroDreams who also teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland, he presented us the value proposition workshop – knowing who your customers are!


“Food was great!” – said by one of our lovely participants.

After an enjoyable lunch break, participants were split into groups and worked on the Business Model Canvas, also called the Lean Canvas, it’s a fun way to describe the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. If you haven’t seen it, see picture below!

And did I mention that the Lean Canvas is part of our $100k Challenge entry?


So what’s next? ACTION! Enter our $100k challenge with your awesome ideas, find out more on here.

At Velocity, we strive to continuously improve our programmes. If you have participated at our Innovate to Business workshop, please complete a quick survey here: (https://velocity5.typeform.com/to/WKGP67) and one lucky person will receive a copy of the book ‘The Lean Start-up’.

A massive thank you to all our fabulous participants, supporters, mentors, coaches, and our amazing Velocity Committees who made Innovate to Business 2018 such a success.