Our Teams
Velocity consist of many teams which form the larger student committee. Different teams have different roles and play different parts in making Velocity an innovative Organisation. If you’re keen on joining Velocity in 2019, You can find out a bit more about what each of the teams in Velocity do below:


The marketing team manages Velocity’s website, monthly newsletters, social media and includes design. This team is great for enthusiastic people who like to get stuff done!


The sponsorship team liaises with Velocity’s sponsors, including making contacts in large firms, and developing relationships. Join this team if you are a people person!!


The alumni team engages with the Velocity community who have since left university and ensures that we stay in touch. Join this team if you are a relationship builder who loves celebrating success.


The research team is responsible Velocity’s engagement with postgraduate students. If you are a post grad student join this team!


The Challenges team executes Velocity’s innovation challenge, and 100K challenge. This an important role that requires strong organisational skills, and a drive to execute. Join this team if you enjoy a challenge!


The education organises Velocity’s innovation seminars, I2B and other developmental opportunities. The education team suits people who enjoy teamwork, learning and teaching!


The events team pulls off our four major events each year. They have a massive budget and are always creative with what to do with it. Join this team if you enjoy pulling off large events where people have lots of fun!


The social / MPI team is responsible for both social entrepreneurship and Maori Pacific engagement. Join this team if you are passionate about making a difference in our community or have an interest in Maori Pacific culture.


Cross team members have specialist skills which can be applied across everything that velocity does! Join this team if you have a special skill that could be really useful.