Alumni Stories – SavY

SavY is a student organisation that encourages young people to be smart with money and create good financial habits for the present and future.Their mission is to break the cycle of unnecessary spending and student debt and to change society’s culture of saving. SavY won the Spark entrepreneurship challenge in 2008. Since winning, SavY has both grown in the number of facilitators and students reached. In its first year, the organisation ran 20 workshops in secondary schools and by the end of 2019, that number of workshops has grown to more than 250.  The team at SavY are currently running free financial literacy workshops in high schools across Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

SavY’s workshop facilitators come are all current students at the University of Auckland (UoA) or the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). These students all come from different faculties, ranging from engineering, law, education, science, communications and of course, business. Financial literacy should not only be known by students studying business, but students from all over the university, studying various subjects. And this starts with the facilitators. 

One of SavY’s core partners is the Bank of New Zealand. Charlotte Sellars (SavY’s CEO in 2017) says, “SavY has been fortunate to have the ongoing support from BNZ. The BNZ donation has allowed hundreds of SavY members to personally grow from the experience of teaching these workshops, developing skills and creating memories that will last a lifetime.”