Alumni Stories – Invoke

Invoke AR(Augmented Reality) basically makes physical objects relevant in a digital world. Their Wireless sensors can be worn on the body or mounted on an object. This can be used to summon those objects virtually into an interactive experience with mixed reality (MR) displays or even be used as tools.

Invoke, which brings real-world objects into an augmented experience, was co-founded by Velocity Alumni- Geoff Zink. He entered the idea into Velocity’s 2017 $100K Challenge and won the New Ventures Category. According to Geoff, Velocity helped him gain access to insights from industry experts as well as other resources which greatly helped him with the commercialisation of his idea. In addition to that, he developed a more business-focused and not just tech-focused mindset.

Invoke opens up a huge range of MR applications, without the need to build a fully customised solution for each project. From military simulations, to design and demonstrative tools,  sports, gaming and education. The ultimate customers of the Invoke object tracking system consist of the international market for enterprise, industry and domestic customers of MR content. Some application examples include:

Collaborative Design

Architects, Engineers and Designers need to visualise complex 3D BIM and design information. Invoke lets multiple users collaborate over the same model with full control.


Invoke is used to augment current teaching methods as the technology can be easily built into 3D pens or pointers. Even in music education, the tracking device can be mounted to an instrument and real time music transcription (or scales for improvisation) can be overlaid onto the instrument.

Military Training

Invoke could help soldiers can track themselves and their equipment in simulation scenarios without expensive disposables or potential for harm.

  “AR is a rapidly growing industry that will completely change the way you consume and interact with media in the future. We’re working with a host of AR developers to showcase this tech soon,” says Geoff Zink.