Alumni Stories – Quicksense Education

According to QuickSense Founder Vivek Kumar, despite studying hard, his high school academic results were terrible and he failed in some subjects like Maths and Chemistry. “I failed Year 12 maths so I set out on a quest to figure out why, and how, to stop it happening to other students who, like me, had followed their classes and done their study.” Says Kumar.

In order to solve this education related issue, he used his knowledge of neuroscience to understand learning processes which helped him develop the idea of QuickSense. It is an online learning tool that helps students understand their curriculum content through personalised learning tailored to their needs. This is done by asking formative questions at the right time and letting the right people (teachers, students and parents) know.

QuickSense aims to use Research and big data for learning that can uncover interesting insights for teachers and students. It uses spaced repetition quizzing and teacher dashboards to uncover concept weaknesses. The goal is to create a solution that increases student performance across New Zealand and ultimately around the world.

The tool is also helpful for teachers to see where the individual and collective strengths and weaknesses lie in their classes. Students are given a chance to explain where they think they went wrong and teachers can help drill down into their working.

The idea was entered into Velocity’s 2016 100K Challenge and emerged as a finalist in the New Venture Category.

Their mission is for teachers to understand their students, for parents to understand their child and learners to understand themselves in creating a better education system for tomorrow.