Dear Entrepreneurs, Dreamers, Creators, Innovators and ALL those with Ideas


It is in challenging times like now where we recognise the fragility of us individuals, the vulnerability of our community and the delicacy of our intricately connected system that keeps everything in order. 

It is in challenging times like now where many influential ideas have turned into reality, shaping the world we can revel in today. Ideas embody passion, perseverance and sacrifice, driven by faith and belief in oneself. 

So, what more perfect time than now to put yourself to the test and overcome the hardship hindering the moment? 

We have no control over the lockdown put in place to save lives, so let’s focus on the things we do have authority over – our attitude, our discipline, and our belief in our passions and ideas. Don’t let failure, delays or obstacles like right now cripple the momentum you have built for yourself; all these will become critical attributes to your success. 

So NOW is the time for YOUR ideas, to strengthen individuals, empower communities and enhance our intricate system. 

NOW, more than ever is a time to encapsulate your thoughts, to dream, create and put forward what you to have to protect and improve our world. 

Use this time to grow and discover more of yourself, the limitless capabilities of your mind, the potential power in your body and the beauty of your soul. 

Fortune favours the brave, and as long as we keep pushing forward, we aren’t losing. 

Finally, this may be a stressful period for you, but self-care is essential. A healthy mind and body can take your ambitions and dreams further. Have a healthy routine – eat well, exercise regularly and get enough sleep so you can wake up and be inspired. Remember, love and kindness go a long way. 

Take time to support your fellow entrepreneurs, look out for your loved ones, and express appreciation to those essential service workers that keep the electricity running, stock food on the shelves and protect you from harm. Being kind costs you nothing, but will bring happiness and joy to yourself and those around you.

I wish each one of you all the best in your endeavours. Stay safe, and like how many speeches and letters end, I gift you all one of my favourite quotes.

“You don’t get better on the days when you feel like going. You get better on the days when you don’t want to go, but you go anyway. Growth is a long-term game, and the crappy days are more important.” – George St-Pierre


Kairan Zhu

BEng(hons) Civil and Environmental Engineering