The Top 5 Apps for Lockdown


Sleep Booster

Sleep booster is an app that both tracks your sleep and helps you fall asleep at night. With the daily ‘sleep ritual’ option, the app walks you through a 10 minute breathing, relaxing and meditation that really relaxes you and slowly puts you to sleep. The best part? Their pleasant alarm melodies and daily insights. All these features are free except for the sleep tracking features that record your snoring and other interesting sleep trends. Recommended especially for those who struggle to fall asleep at night!

Adobe Spark

ADOBE SPARK Are you someone who designs banners or posters on your phone and struggles with finding a good app for it? Try out the Adobe Spark Post application. It is easy to use and works wonders. There are thousands of templates to choose and your uni email id can provide you free access to the premium contents! You could also create and edit videos and web pages using the online version ( with the templates and all of this for free. These features will be very handy and useful for someone who manages a webpage!


Forest is the perfect study companion to keep you motivated during the lockdown. When you’re ready to do some work, open up Forest and select how long you want your focus session to last for. Once you click ‘plant’ you’ll start seeing your tree grow! Until your session ends, using your phone or navigating off the app will cause your tree to wither and die- motivating you not to get distracted! The longer your session is, the bigger your tree will grow. Personally, I use this app as a pomodoro timer. For those that don’t know what pomodoro is, it’s a study method where you work intensely for 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break. After 4 of these cycles you take a longer 20 minute break. The perfect way to keep yourself focused over long periods of time!


Notion is an immensely powerful tool that makes organizing your life simple! It’s an all in one workspace where you can manage your to do’s, calendar, notes, and anything else you can think of. With a bunch of built-in templates, you can customize your workspace to fit the needs and flow of your unique lifestyle! It uses a format called ‘markdown’ which handles all the styling for you, meaning you’ll have consistent documents without ever worrying about font sizes or margins ever again. The best thing? If you’re currently a student, you can get the paid version for free! Meaning unlimited writing and file uploads, all backed up to the cloud and accessible from any device. 


Stuck during lockdown with no more Uber Eats, take outs or restaurants to eat at? Suddenly you’re cooking twice a day every day and you have no idea how to cook or what to cook? Tasty is the perfect app for you, whether you’re a first time cook or someone who wants to delve past heating up the constant microwave pies. Tasty comprises multiple videos, step by step guides of an array of international recipes. There’s plenty of student recipes as well as more complex ones, combined with ratings on each recipe so you can get an idea of what other people think too! Definitely an affordable, more up to date cookbook for those of you who want quick and easy access to a cheap and delicious recipe.