Alumni Spotlight – Fia Jones

Fia Jones

Fia Jones began her journey as an entrepreneur while pursuing a Physics degree at the University of Auckland. Always having been a space fanatic, Fia began working on her venture at just aged 19 while at university. 

She entered the Auckland Programme for Space Systems and through the programme, Fia was able to build a team and progressed her idea. It was then when Fia founded, and became the CEO of Astrix Astronautics. Astrix is a satellite startup that aims at inventing an alternate power generation system, which produces more power without compromising functionality of a satellite. 

In 2019, Fia and her team decided to compete in Velocity’s $100K Challenge, from which their venture Astrix (previously a University start-up group) went on to be one of the winners of the challenge, bagging the New Venture Category Prize. 

Since winning a prize from the $100K Challenge, Fia has decided to put her studies on hold to pursue developing her venture. Astrix have gone on to receive $500,000 in early stage funding from Icehouse Ventures, K1W1, and Rocket Lab, in order to advance their technologies and research. The company has already had numerous successful trials in Rocket Lab’s Auckland facility. Astrix plans to launch their first payload in July, onboard Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket, become a global space-venture, and make massive waves within the space industry. 

With Astrix, Fia Jones has shown that innovation is not limited against those who are new to the world of entrepreneurship. Receiving strong support from leading members of the New Zealand space industry and large investors, we cannot wait to see what successes Astrix Astronautics will have in the coming future. 

If you’re an undergraduate student and have a project you are passionate about and would like to develop it further, you too could begin your entrepreneurial journey through the Velocity programme!