Alice Wang

Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group

Having a small budget and a big appetite for adventure led Alice Wang to apply her entrepreneurial mindset in an unexpected way, to her student travel experiences. Travelling around Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia on a shoe-string budget forced Alice to be creative with the resources she had and to look for unconventional opportunities to explore new places.

“Travelling really exercises your creative muscle, by calling upon and stretching your ability to be adaptive, solve problems and marshal resources.”

Alice moved to New Zealand from Beijing at the age of four when her family settled in Auckland. She experienced her first taste of university study at 15 as a participant in the Young Scholars’ Programme.

Moving on from Avondale College to full time university study saw Alice complete
conjoint BA/LLB degrees with her Arts degree majoring in economics and philosophy. She graduated with Senior Scholar Awards for both her BA and LLB.
A prestigious Rhodes Scholarship took Alice to the University of Oxford where she continued her studies in public policy and economics.

Alice has a dream of a fairer society in New Zealand, this was inspired by her late mother who was very active in the community helping others as much as
she could. She instilled in her daughter the understanding that being able to help others less fortunate was a privilege.

She worked for an early-stage start up in London and that experience really helped her broaden and develop her understanding of entrepreneurship, as well as to reflect on what it takes to be a good entrepreneur.

Currently working as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Melbourne.
Alice sees elements of the entrepreneurial mindset shine through the way that her team works together to solve complex problems, and the transformations that they help businesses and government organisations to achieve.

Alice’s entrepreneurial mindset has also influenced the activities that that she involves herself with outside of her job. She is currently helping to support an Australian social enterprise explore commercial opportunities for their technology.

Alice Wang graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts
and Bachelor of Laws.