Innovate 2 Business Workshop

Velocity’s one day start-up workshop.
The next workshop will run in 2019.

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Gain essential start-up knowledge plus your start for the $100k Challenge

1 day start-up workshop providing knowledge and tools to help craft your idea into a successful venture

Come along to our Innovate 2 Business (I2B) workshop over the inter-semester break!

From learning about Market Validation, to Business Model Canvas, to tips on how to create a great team – there is so much to learn all packed into one exciting day!

Learn from the best who have been through the journey before, about how to transform a business idea into the foundations of a real business. Kickstart your preparation for your $100k challenge entry!

Whether or not you have an idea or you’re just looking to get inspired, we hope to see you at the I2B where you’ll be leaving with new skills and newfound knowledge on how to take things to the next level!