On March 26th, we are kicking off with the first innovation seminar of the year with Little Bird Organics. They are sharing their journey on how they turned their passion for creating high-quality, artisan foods into a full-fledged business.

Little Bird OrganicsĀ is the creation of partnersĀ Megan and Jeremy. Diagnosed with food allergies at a young age, Megan was raised on a gluten, dairy, sugar-free diet. She trained as a chef, to pursue her dream of sharing high quality, organic and raw foods with the world. That, however, did not work out. For two years, Megan struggled with a serious illness. Undeterred, she began to research for new ingredients and ideas, gradually building her repertoire of nutritious, restorative foods.

Today, Little Bird Organics is an internationally loved brand that has helped established the rise of the modern health food movement in New Zealand. Join us on this entrepreneurial journey to hear the inspiring journey of the Little Bird.

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