Need a free ride? Look no further, as TransferCar joins us for the third innovation seminar on Tuesday, April 9. Join us as TransferCar shares their innovation journey with us.

TransferCar is a car service originating from New Zealand that lets its customers rent cars for free. How? TransferCar helps car rental companies transfer their cars between branches, in the process letting customers travel for free. By doing this, this ensures that car rental companies don’t have to pay money transporting their vehicles, and travellers can travel for free. All that’s required is being over a certain age (changes depending on the vehicle), and a full driver’s license.

Today, TransferCar is a well-established, internationally renown oragnisation, with branches in Australia, Canada and the United States, with more just on the way. Join us as Brian Karlson, co-founder of TransferCar, talks about how their organisation transformed the car rental industry.

Brian Karlson also has another business, TransferVans, an online and easy-to-book transfer service to meet all your moving needs. With an easy to operate website, a great business model, great efficient, and low costs, it’s no wonder TransferVans is doing as well as it is doing right now.

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