Manoj Patel

Director of Clinical Innovation at Healthcare Holdings Limited

As a child Manoj Patel spent several months in hospital. This exposure to
healthcare ultimately led him to becoming a doctor. But Manoj was not content
with treating one patient at a time his mind was fascinated about system
changes that would impact upon multiple patients at once.

“I have never been content with what is ‘normal’ and ‘status quo’ my mind plays
in the arena of how things could be better.”
Manoj studied medicine at The University of Auckland and was awarded a Fulbright Platinum Triangle Scholarship in Entrepreneurship to study for an MBA
at Harvard Business School. Both of these experiences gave Manoj a unique set
of skills which allow him to be effective in designing and implementing new
healthcare solutions.

While studying at the University of Auckland Manoj was also heavily involved
with Velocity. His Velocity experience helped him gain confidence to pursue an
unconventional career path of a doctor operating in the business domain of

Manoj is currently the Director of Clinical Innovation for Healthcare Holdings Ltd,
the parent company for MercyAscot Hospitals and Mercy Radiology. This role
allows him to combine his experiences as a doctor together with the business
skills from a Harvard MBA to re-imagine healthcare services.

“The health industry is a playground for those with an innovative outlook. There
is an interesting tension between clinicians delivering care and administrators
managing services. Being able to straddle both camps gives me a unique
perspective on how to do things better.”

Manoj Patel graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of
Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery