Mark Bekhit

Current Student, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Mark is a final year medical student at the University of Auckland. He combines studying medicine with a being VP of Academic Advising for MedView and working with an academic research team in the area of public health. MedView, the medical branch of Crimson Consulting, is a personalised education company preparing students for entrance into medical schools across Australasia.

During his studies Mark has been involved with a number of entrepreneurial ventures and co-founded The Learning Collaborative NZ, a non-profit which aimed to improve educational equity in New Zealand. The Learning Collaborative NZ was a finalist in the Velocity $100k Challenge in 2015.

“An entrepreneurial mindset has helped me stand out from the crowd at every stage, while creating meaningful impact within the community.”

At The Learning Collaborative NZ, Mark had responsibility for People and Culture and
Marketing. While growing the tutor pool from 40 to 120 staff over three months, he also managed marketing projects including creating the brand identity, crowdfunding and website design and maintenance.

Mark also worked with Cambridge Campus, part of the Campus Link Foundation, set up to help as many secondary school students as possible reach their academic potential despite educational inequalities which exist today through different socio-economic status, schools and teachers.

Through this experience Mark developed his leadership skills in a fast-paced organisation. He collaborated with the IB Campus and NCEA Campus which are part of the overarching Campus Link Foundation. This collaboration taught him the importance of helping each
other in order to make progress.

Entrepreneurship has helped Mark to rapidly expand MedView across Australasia, in an exciting role working alongside inspirational characters such as Jamie Beaton in one of New Zealand's fastest growing companies.

On graduating this November, Mark plans to work as a doctor in addition to continuing his role with MedView. In doing this he can focus his energy on the two sectors he is passionate about, health and education.

Mark is in his final year studying towards a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Auckland.