Velocity Committee

Velocity launched in 2003 and is based at the University of Auckland in the Business School

Velocity provides leadership opportunities for the student volunteers who lead the programme.

Committee members are recognised by industry as being some of the University’s most driven and high-achieving talent.

Every year, hundreds of people take part in Velocity. To provide leadership to the year’s participants, a team forms to drive the programme of work for that year. By ensuring students help design the programme, Velocity is kept contemporary and compelling.

The student committee of 30 follows a traditional organisational structure where every year we appoint a CEO, COO and student leads who are each responsible for the delivery of different components of the 8-month programme. The committee changes every year, attracting students at all levels of study, from all faculties. Those who show an interest in extracurricular opportunities while studying at University have a high work ethic and are dedicated to learning, achieving and making a strong difference not just for themselves personally but also for their communities.

Roles: CEO, COO, Chair, Marketing team, Challenges team, Outreach team, Events team

“Velocity is a great programme! I would recommend it to anyone curious to learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset or be part of a supportive network. Actually, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Being a New Zealand born Tongan young women, I had no idea what impact I could really make in the world until my mindset changed. Velocity was the place I first learned about the entrepreneurial mindset and developed skills to help me think differently about the world and opportunities available to me. I had never heard the word entrepreneur or innovation before, so it was definitely a new space for me. Velocity held a space where I was able to learn from real entrepreneurs and hear their stories. I was inspired by their journey and found my own way on the entrepreneurial path. For me, an entrepreneur is someone who is proactive, makes meaningful change and chases their dreams.”

Ana Saulala
Social and Maori/Pacific Islander Lead, 2017
Education Lead, 2016
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts

“I can say with confidence that Velocity has been the most important component of my university experience. Through the various programmes that Velocity offers I’ve had the chance to develop critical leadership and communication skills, along with an entrepreneurial mindset, and a range of industry connections that have opened many doors for me as I look to my future. Having the opportunity to start my own start-up and lead a team of 35 students has changed the way that

I look at the world and some of the grand challenges that we face going forward. Velocity has ignited a spark in me that wants to see a better world for everyone, and has equipped me with the mind-set and skill required to go forward and do just that.”

Matt Canham
Velocity CEO, 2018
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

“Being a part of Velocity helped me tap into my creative side and allowed me to broaden my thinking and appreciate the process of not only business innovation but also organisation. It was an experience that truly developed my leadership capabilities and communication skills, but it also gave me the opportunity to interact with many ‘out of the box’ thinkers and doers and inspired me to push the boundaries of my own capabilities.”

Prajakta Modak
Events Lead, 2017
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)