Telemetry Research

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute’s spin-out company, Telemetry Research, became a global leader in wireless implant devices for biomedical research.

After winning the Spark $40K Challenge in 2004, it built up a client base of many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutions, in more than 30 countries.

It was co-founded by Auckland Bioengineering Institute researchers Professor Simon Malpas, who became CEO, and David Budgett, who was Head of Research and Development.

It was created to commercialise their extensive research in the field of inductive power transfer, and in the monitoring of sympathetic nerve activity.

The company’s product portfolio includes implantable devices that improve data quality and extend recording time, and provide the best means to collect accurate information. The products all use Telemetry Research’s patented wireless power technology, built on a platform of inductive power technology developed at the University of Auckland.

Despite investment in research and development often taking years to see any return, Telemetry Research experienced a rapid rise in fortune, becoming profitable within two years.

It grew to a full service company providing sales, marketing, and manufacturing in addition to on-going research and development.

In 2009 and 2010 it was ranked as one of the Deloitte Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 companies and one of the Fast 50, New Zealand’s fastest growing businesses. It was also a finalist in the NZ International Business Awards in 2010.

David says the company’s success was due to its hard-working team and its strong ties with the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

“We’ve had a number of PhD students embedded in the company who are funded by Technology NZ. It’s a great way to get young and enthusiastic students involved in different aspects of the company, and maintaining our creativity.”

In November 2011, Telemetry Research merged with Millar Instruments, a company that develops pressure sensor technology based in Houston, Texas.

The companies collaborated for nearly five years on solutions for wireless monitoring of pressure, and in the process discovered shared values and a vision for the future.

Simon says: “Telemetry Research has always been focused on building a world-class platform technology company and the merger with Millar Instruments allowed the company to springboard into new markets and products.”

Telemetry Research became a wholly owned subsidiary of Millar Instruments and continues to operate here under New Zealand registry as Millar Instruments Ltd.