Our Story

Velocity launched in 2003 and is based at the University of Auckland in the Business School

Velocity is the country’s leading entrepreneurial development programme.

We are about giving momentum to great ideas and to surge ahead and innovate the future. However, when we began back in 2003 we didn’t have such momentum.


We were yet to help forge the over 110 ventures we now have. The over $220 million of capital and 600-plus jobs these created, were all but dreams. But these 15 years have taken us to where we are today.


And not only have we changed, but the world we live in has too. When we were first conceived we didn’t know what a smartphone was, 3-D printing was only in high-tech research labs and video-calling was a thing of science-fiction. Globalisation was a very new concept, and capital available to invest in high-risk ventures was elusive.


With these new developments, we saw the ideas and venture proposals bought to our competition becoming more mature, well-formed and investable. Our students were evolving with the world. So we decided, it was time for us to evolve as well. We’d started with a spark, but that was now the catalyst for what we’ve become – Velocity. Today with energy we step forwards, inspiring, educating and motivating our entrepreneurs to continue New Zealand’s transformation into a truly world-class economy. And now faster than ever before.