2023 Winners

Overall Winner: WasteXpert
Overall Runner-up: PlantPeepers
Third Place: Cyclemate, Glowguard, Resys and Smartbell

$100k Challenge 2022 winners

2022 Winners

Overall Winner: Neurofanos
Overall Runner-up: Lighthouse
New Ventures: OutThere Astronautics
Social: Let’s Talk Consent, ISpy
Academic: Waitality

$100k Challenge 2022 winners

2021 Winners

Overall Winner: RisosEnterprises
Overall Runner-up: PrintGig
New Ventures: Delta Waterways
Social: Fistbump
Academic: SuperCarbon

2021 $100k Challenge Winners Logos

2020 Winners

Overall Winner: RosterLab
Overall Runner-up: Ūkaipō
New Ventures: Nikau Robotics
Social: Kiwrious
University Research: Fishbox

2020 $100k Challenge Winner

2019 Winners

Overall Winner: Greenshell Spat Co
Overall Runner-up: SpinPoi
New Ventures: Luxor Astronautics
Social: Pacific Med Tech
University Research: Rapid Assessment of Vision using Eyetracking (RAVE)

2018 Winners

Overall Winner: ZENNO Astronautics Ltd.
Overall Runner-up: Electroclear
New Ventures: AVASA
Social: Together For Good
University Research: The Surgical Canary by H2Heal

2017 Winners

Overall Winner: Suture Future
Overall Runner-up: MicroVision
New Ventures: Invoke
Social: Kara Education
University Research: STOP(TM) System for Smart Sewers

2016 Winners

Overall Winner: Spot Check
Overall Runner-up: Cat-trax
New Ventures: Cryostrap
Social: Hexacycle Limited
University Research: Boon

2015 Winners

Overall Winner: Resilient Seismic Solutions (RSS)
Overall Runner-up: Green Spot
Third place: InSight Technologies – EyeLine
UniServices: BreatheHero