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$100k Challenge Qualifiers 2021

August 19, 2021

The Velocity student-led entrepreneurship programme has announced its 2021 $100k Challenge competition qualifiers. Fifteen teams were selected by a panel of expert judges out of 90 submissions across all faculties, the second highest number of entries received since Velocity was founded in 2003.

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Alumni Spotlight – Isaac Cleland

July 30, 2021

Meet Isaac, founder of RosterLab and the overall winner of Velocity’s $100K Challenge in 2020. His journey to being a successful startup founder started with his PhD research that investigated scheduling algorithms in the healthcare industry. This research is what gave him an idea for how the healthcare industry could use algorithms and AI to optimise rosters for healthcare workers, which was then developed into a business through the $100K Challenge. Want to read more about Isaac and his path to winning the challenge?

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Alumni Spotlight – Fia Jones

July 30, 2021

Fia Jones has always been a space fanatic. During her time pursuing a Physics degree at university, Fia began working on her innovation at just age 19. Since winning a category prize for Velocity’s $100K Challenge in 2019, Fia is now the CEO and founder of Astrix Astronautics, a startup that plans to revolutionise satellites by creating a more productive alternate power generation system. It has received support from large investors and key entities of the space industry, such as Rocket Lab. Curious to know how Fia has developed Astrix after winning the $100K Challenge?

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Alumni Spotlight – Te Miringa Parkes

July 22, 2021

Te Miringa Parkes is a business student at the University of Auckland, and is also the founder of  Ūkaipō, runner up in Velocity’s 2020 $100K Challenge. Inspired by her mother, Te Miringa brought an innovative idea to life and founded Ūkaipō, a company that aims to help families celebrate the birth of a new child by providing families with leak-proof, biodegradable Rau Whenua placenta planting packages. Find out how the $100K Challenge has helped Te Miringa develop this inspiring venture.

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Velocity Innovation Challenge inspires new generation of entrepreneurs

May 21, 2021

Innovation Challenge is a key event for the University of Auckland’s entrepreneurship development programme Velocity. Students and staff are invited to share a venture idea that will solve a problem, big or small. Each 1,000 word entry is assessed and considered for a $1,000 prize with 12 prizes up for grabs. Entrants can submit ideas for a commercial or social venture, and this year additional prizes were added for ideas that tackled an aspect of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Making science serious fun: The venture empowering young Kiwi innovators and critical thinkers

May 19, 2021

Educational start-up Kiwrious is empowering the next generation of innovators and critical thinkers through the Kiwrious Science Experience. Founded by Suranga Nanayakkara, an Associate Professor at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI), they aim to spark inquiring minds by giving Kiwi students the tools they need to take scientific measurements of the world around them. 

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Students gifted inspirational entrepreneurs retreat

May 13, 2021

A diverse group of student and graduate entrepreneurs from the University of Auckland Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) have been gifted a place in an intensive entrepreneurs retreat where they were challenged and inspired to fulfil their potential.

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Multitudes: The culture start-up built by the pandemic

Apr 20, 2021

In a post-pandemic world, with companies encouraging employees to continue to work from home, how will a healthy team dynamic be maintained? SaaS company Multitudes is helping teams improve culture and performance by providing data-led insights on day to day team behaviours and easy-to-access coaching for managers to unlock more inclusive, higher performing teams.

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Guts and glory – the rise of gastric biotech start-up Alimetry

Apr 20, 2021

Alimetry, a digital healthcare and diagnostic devices start-up is grounded in world-leading science in gastrointestinal diseases. In the short two years since its inception it has established itself as a pioneer in health solutions, recently being named a finalist in the NZ Hi-tech Awards.

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The start-up using tractor-driven AI to enable the wine industry’s full potential

Apr 12, 2021

Cropsy Technologies are developing a combination of patent-pending hardware and AI to help growers make data-driven decisions. While their innovations have a number of applications, they are currently focused on viticulture, an industry that the team have identified as ripe for picking. 

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CreateBase – the venture enabling kids to access enjoyable tech education

Mar 24, 2021

CreateBase is on a mission to give the next generation the skills, tools and confidence necessary to unleash their inner technology creators, and realise their future potential. They are currently building a digital platform that teachers and parents can provide to children to teach tangible technical skills through play.

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Answering Pacific health care professionals’ calls for support

Mar 16, 2021

“The nurses had no way of knowing if my nephew was improving or worsening.” Statements such as these have inspired the creation of Pacific Med Tech, a social venture that aims to support capacity building in biomedical engineering departments of hospitals in the Pacific.

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Meet the 2021 CEO of Velocity

Mar 12, 2021

Velocity is the University of Auckland’s flagship student-led entrepreneurial development programme delivered through the Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In the 18 years since its launch in 2003, Velocity has helped build over 130 ventures, created 800 jobs, and raised over $280m in capital.

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New Zealand Government adds power to New Zealand’s leading student entrepreneurship development programme

Feb 26, 2021

The New Zealand Government’s venture investment vehicle New Zealand Growth Capital Partners have signed on to support Velocity, New Zealand’s leading student entrepreneurship development programme, through sponsorship and network support. Together they will provide substantial opportunities to increase the potential and capability of New Zealand’s next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Breakthrough technology developed to advance eye care for children

Feb 17, 2021

Objective Acuity is creating an accessible and accurate way of detecting vision problems early in life by developing the first objective vision screening test based on visual acuity for children under the age of five. The venture was founded by Dr Ben Thompson, a Professor of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Auckland, Dr Jason Turuwhenua and Dr Mehrdad Sangi at the University of Auckland’s Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI).

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The venture helping neurodiverse people into work

Feb 12, 2021

Socius XR is an immersive extended reality platform for neurodiverse people, such as those on the autism spectrum, to prepare and practice different skills and interactions for various situations, with a focus on employment. Its three founders first collaborated on the venture as students participating in Summer Lab, an intensive entrepreneurship programme run by the University of Auckland Business School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Student Maina Fuimaono advocates for Pacific innovation

Jan 27, 2021

Wellington native Maina Fuimaono arrived at the University of Auckland never having heard of innovation and entrepreneurship. Now, the final year Bachelor of Commerce student advocates for it to be a part of every student’s university experience.

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