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Velocity $100k Challenge Grand Finals

Velocity marked its end to 2019 with a grand celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship at the $100k Challenge Grand Finale on October 23. The winners were announced in an atmosphere of anticipation among our 200 guests who came to congratulate our five final prize-winners and to learn about their exciting ventures for the future.

Alumni Stories – Hypebeat

Hypebeat uses data analytics and machine learning to scour the internet, pulling together publicly available information to show an artist how they are doing, and to plot the strategies that worked for comparable artists. To reach their target audience musicians and their management faced many decisions – which street corners, venues, festivals, radio stations and media sources to use; which musicians to gig and write with.

Alumni Stories – Wine Grenade

Zenno Astronautics is a space flight systems company. The winners of the 2018 Velocity $100k challenge, Zenno is developing space exploration software as well as propulsion systems for small satellites – CUBESATS – which would extend their time in orbit and allow them to work cohesively in formation. They aim to not only eliminate space debris, but also to develop the commercial viability of the space market overall.

Alumni Stories – Quicksense Education

QuickSense aims to use Research and big data for learning that can uncover interesting insights for teachers and students. It uses spaced repetition quizzing and teacher dashboards to uncover concept weaknesses. The goal is to create a solution that increases student performance across New Zealand and ultimately around the world.

Alumni Stories – TransferCar

TransferCar uses a database to quickly source flexible drivers who can meet the relocation needs of rental car companies. Since 2010, TransferCar has provided around 2,600 free trips in rental cars and campervans to flexible travellers across New Zealand.

Alumni Stories – Invoke

Invoke AR(Augmented Reality) basically makes physical objects relevant in a digital world. Their Wireless sensors can be worn on the body or mounted on an object. This can be used to summon those objects virtually into an interactive experience with mixed reality (MR) displays or even be used as tools.

Alumni Stories – UV Lens

UVLens uses UV sensors and cloud data models to provide digital information and tools that teach people about UV and sun safety. It is fed data from localised ground sensors and other satellite information from around the globe.

Alumni Stories – CatTrax

CatTrax, co-founded by University of Auckland graduates James McKelvie and Eddie Rosser, alongside Andrew Emery, is a cloud-based application. It uses Information technology to automate and quicken processes related to referring and managing patients for a cataract surgery.